Home-Built Airplane

When many people think of airplanes, the first purpose that comes to mind is transportation. After all, airplanes give us the ability to travel far across the world in a matter of hours. Others associate with airplanes with the military. However, there is a third reason why someone might want an airplane: recreation. This is... Continue Reading →

Electric Outboard Boat Motor

Whether it’s on a river, a lake, or an ocean, spending time on a boat is a favorite pastime for many. Since oars and sails can only take you so far, motorboats have helped water enthusiasts reach their destinations faster and with less effort. As time has gone on, the technology behind motorboats has improved.... Continue Reading →

Innovative New Pizza Oven

Few foods have achieved the level of enduring popularity as pizza. From small towns to big cities, a pizza restaurant is rarely far away. Whether you’re going back to pizza’s roots with Italian Neapolitan pizza, traversing the United States with New York’s thin slices or Chicago’s deep-dish style, or even switching it up with a... Continue Reading →

Custom Cable Assembly for Laboratory Integration

Throughout history, humanity has made countless scientific advances. These include developing new medicines and vaccines, creating new technologies, and learning more about the world around us. All of these accomplishments have one thing in common: they were made possible by people working in laboratories. A lot goes into making a lab function, including reliable and... Continue Reading →

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