What Electrical Ratings do You Need?

This is the second video in the six video series. Three questions will be answered in this video: 1. Is the product AC or DC? 2. How many amperes does the switch need to handle? 3. What agency approvals are needed?

What Switch do You Need?

This is the first of the six videos to assist you in determining the type of switch you need. In this video, you will learn basic information about the four most popular switches, the Anti-Vandal, Rocker, Toggle and Tact switches.

TL4110 Series Tact Switch

E-Switch announces the new TL4110 series tact switch. The TL4110 series is a surface mount switch with an extremely small footprint of 2.0mm x 2.8mm and a life cycle of 300,000 cycles. The switch mounts along the edge of the PCB for right angle actuation. This 20mA, 15VDC rated tact switch provides single pole single... Continue Reading →

The TL6330 Series Tact Switch

E-Switch announces the new TL6330 series Tact switch. The TL6330 series offers a surface mount PC board design with a small package size of 2.80mm x4.60mm x1.90mm, and a long electrical life of 200,000 cycles. It is a single pole single throw (SPST) switch with 200 gram force and an IP67 rating. The contact rating... Continue Reading →

The PVA6L Series Anti-vandal Switch

E-Switch announces the new PVA6L series anti-vandal switch. The PVA6L series switch is an off-on latching, SPST switch with an IP67 rating. This switch series offers five ring LED illumination colors plus one bi-color option in a panel mount design and two housing material options of black or clear anodized. The PVA6L provides solder lug... Continue Reading →

The TL3265 Series Illuminated Tact Switch

E-Switch announces the new TL3265 series tact switch. The TL3265 series tact switch offers six illumination colors plus one bi-color option in a surface mount design. It is SPST, momentary function, and 160 gf operating force. This tact switch has an electrical rating of 50mA @ 12VDC and a travel of 0.20mm. The TL3265 offers... Continue Reading →

Product Matrix 2018 Available

The new year, 2018, is fast approaching! E-Switch is ahead of schedule with the release of the 2018 Product Matrix. The Product Matrix is our comprehensive catalog which features images and pertinent details on all of our switch categories such as tact, pushbutton, rocker, trigger, detector, dip, snap action toggle and more.  If you need... Continue Reading →

Two New Virtual Application Pages

E-Switch offers electro-mechanical switches to meet industry requirements in numerous markets. Therefore, we continue to feature a variety of applications in a concentrated market. The newest market additions include applications in residential and commercial appliances and those found in many transit-related applications. It is common for equipment and devices to utilize more than one type... Continue Reading →

Application/Market Brochures Available

Now available in hard copy, E-Switch offers three application/market brochures - Switches for Medical & Dental Markets, Switches for Audio/Visual Markets and Switches for Industrial Markets. E-Switch offers one of the largest selection of switches in the marketplace. Switch categories include anti-vandal, tactile, push button, rocker, toggle, slide, dip, and key. The switches come with... Continue Reading →

New Training Materials Available Now

E-Switch offers electro-mechanical switches to meet industry requirements in numerous markets. Below, each application shows the most requested switch for that type of application. However, several switches may fit your requirements. Please view our entire line of switches to meet your needs or contact customer service at 800.867.2717 for further assistance.  E-Switch just launched these new... Continue Reading →

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