Safe Sanitizer Dispenser

Whether you’re at home, your workplace, or out in public, having clean surfaces is a must. In addition to being an eyesore, a floor, table, or countertop covered in dust, grease, or other debris is sure to spread germs. However, there is an important question: will the chemicals we use to clean our spaces have negative effects on our bodies or the world around us? Thanks to one of E-Switch’s customers, homeowners and business owners alike have a safer alternative.

E-Switch’s customer is an Ontario-based manufacturer specializing in non-toxic cleaning solutions. Their cleaning product helps people clean their homes and businesses effectively without the risks to personal health and the environment associated with harsher chemicals. In other words, there’s no need to worry if they spill a bit on themselves or down the drain. The company manufactures a variety of electronic devices that allow users to dispense the cleaner after simply adding water.

One of this company’s products is a wall-mounted dispenser that can be found inside janitor closets. Janitors can simply add cold tap water to the device’s cartridge. From there, the treated water is transferred to the dispenser. Electricity inside the dispenser adds an extra oxygen atom to the air, which is then infused with the water to create the company’s cleaning product. The solution is then free to be dispensed into mop buckets, spray bottles, and other cleaning equipment.

As part of their dispenser, the company needed a reliable rocker switch. They chose E-Switch’s RVW series.

The RVW series is a high power rated, heavy-duty, and full-size rocker switch. A switch being used for this dispenser needs to be sealed for protection against liquid. The RVW features an internal dust and water protection seal, rated to IP54. The switch also features a glossy finish option and multiple marking options and switch functions. It’s great for applications including floor care appliances, medical equipment, electrical houseware, commercial appliances, home appliances, and industrial controls. To learn more about the RVW, check out its data sheet and the specs below.


RVW Specs:

  • Rating:
    • Maintained Switches:
            20A 125VAC [cURus UL508]
            15A 277VAC [cURus UL508]
            2HP 110/250VAC [cURus UL508]
    • Momentary Switches:
            20A 125VAC [cURus UL508]
            15A 277VAC [cURus UL508]
            1.5HP 110/250VAC [cURus UL508]
  • Temperature: 0°C to 55°C
  • Electrical Life: 6,000 Cycles
  • Contact Resistance: 50mΩ Max.
  • Insulation Resistance: 800MΩ Min. at 500VDC
  • Dielectric Strength: 1,500VAC for 1 Minute
  • Ingress Protection: IP54 Standard

Looking for more power-rated rocker switches? Here are some other options from E-Switch:

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