Smart Testing

Unless we’re actively involved in the medical industry, we don’t tend to see the huge advancements being made. Unlike the tech industries, where the latest innovations in smartphones and electric cars are plastered across mainstream media for all to see. But much like these monolithic tech companies, medical manufactures strive for a similar user experience for their products. Sleek, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye.

One such medical company adopting the silicone valley mantra has been shaping the way in molecular testing. The company’s fast, accurate, lab-quality, molecular testing changes how people, organizations, and communities protect human health. The innovative design is comprised of 3 components; a swab, a reader, and finally, an app.  

There is a myriad of different tests available in various areas including respiratory health, and in more recent times COVID-19. After the swab sample has been taken it is then inserted into the reader to extract the results. The portable reader then activates the sample and communicates results directly into the accompanying app in about 20 minutes. In a world of instant gratification at the tips of fingers, 20 minutes for medical results is definitely something to write home about!

The company is led and supported by a diverse team of talented individuals at the top of their field, united by their purpose to improve healthcare for everyone. Their mission is clear, to change how we detect diseases, by making diagnostic testing available to anyone and at anytime.

Such a contemporary and cutting-edge piece of technology requires a special kind of switch to complement the design. That means it’s E-Switch’s time to shine! By working directly with one of our skilled reps, we were able to ascertain the right switch for the job. In this case, the TL3315 stood out as the perfect match. The TL3315 is a very low profile (0.5mm to be exact) SMT Tact Switch. Its low profile means it can be incorporated into compact designs without taking up valuable space. Multiple actuation forces are also available to ensure precise functionality.

ELECTRICAL LIFE: 1,000,000 Cycles – 100gf
                               500,000 Cycles – 160gf
                               200,000 Cycles – 250gf
FORCE: 100gf ± 30gf; 160gf ± 50gf; 250gf ± 50gf
TRAVEL: 0.20mm

Other Low profile Tact Switches to consider would be:

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