The ULP Series on the Medical Frontline.

The year 2020 started off with such hope and promise. The start of a new decade brings with it a fresh slate, new dreams and a general air of positivity. No one could have guessed what was to come next. A global pandemic on a scale like no other. COVID-19 appeared to make the world stand still for 3 months. Or so it seemed…

While many of us, home bound, surviving on Ramen and rationing our last roll of toilet paper, the world appeared to shut down. Our favorite restaurants, shops and bars closed indefinitely, and some never to open their doors again.

However, behind the scenes a hive of activity was brewing. The pandemic not only brought COVID-19 to our shores, but a need to adapt, innovate and prosper. With hospitals filling up fast, and supplies running low, this sense of urgency galvanized many businesses to adapt to meet this new urgent demand.

One of the more serious symptoms of the Coronavirus is attacks on the respiratory system, causing a severe difficulty in breathing. Ventilators help patients breathe by assisting the lungs to inhale air. As a result of this symptom, the global need for ventilators skyrocketed. The Society of Critical Care Medicine estimates at least 950,000 Coronavirus patients in the US could require ventilators, making these medical devices a crucial part of the fight against Covid-19.

E-Switch is no stranger to the medical market and has been providing essential switches to the industry for many years. Devices like ventilators requires a durable switch capable of withstanding repeated use, illuminated for use in emergency situations, and a long life to fullfil even the most demanding circumstances. A switch like the ULP Illuminated Pushbutton Series.

One such medical company, recognized for it’s outstanding engineering and collaborative design process, saw the full potential in the ULP Series and put it straight to work in their Transport Ventilators. With an electrical life of 200,000 cycles, an operating temperature of -40°c to 85°c, and full RGB illumination available, this switch ticked all the boxes.

This particular company chose the red illumination option for an On/Off function button, however multiple colors are available. What also makes this switch a great choice for medical devices, is the multiple cap sizes and options to choose from. With SPDT and DPDT available, as well as the solder lug and PC pin terminations, It’s no wonder so many companies trust E-Switch to provide quality electrical components for life changing equipment – in numerous markets and industries.

See what E-Switch can do for you. Give us a call today on 800.867.2717 or head to our website and take advantage of our live chat feature to get instant feedback.

ULP Illuminated Pushbutton Series:

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