Flowsaber: The Next Generation Stunt Saber.

What do you get if you cross the ultimate sci-fi weapon, with one man’s passion and determination for creating the next generation of martial art’s tool?

Introducing the Flowsaber. A high-quality stunt saber, like no other, and the brainchild of stunt performer, Connor McCarthy.

McCarthy, with over 10 years of martial art staff and saber experience took it upon himself to take his craft and passion to the next level. With the love of sci-fi running deep through his veins, paired with his entrepreneurial spirit, gave rise to a life-changing idea. The idea to create a saber like no other. A high-performance martial arts tool, painstakingly crafted to withstand the most fearsome of duels. A weighted saber that feels and responds like a real sword with Jedi-like free-flowing motion.

“The truth is, nobody had made anything like this before”

The idea was born. McCarthy and his team set about turning their Flowsaber concept into a reality. As with any great inventors, his initial idea was quickly scrawled on the back of a napkin at his local Café. For the first time, they could visualize their dream. After adding more detail, weight distribution, balance, length, diameter and much more. They then took their concept to a Design Engineer. After 60 hours of back and forth video chatting, screen sharing and tweaks, they had their prototype.

During the final design phases, and important, yet small question was asked. What would the switch be that was going to power this innovative tool? This detail might seem trivial, but without an on and off button, the saber would incomplete.

“Initially we wanted the button to be small, low profile and sleek”

That’s where E-Switch comes into the picture. A futuristic, high-quality product like the Flowsaber requires and equally, high-tech button to be paired with. After testing a total of 50 different switches, their choice was made.

“We ended up going with the PV6 for a number of reasons, namely cost, quality and how cool the illuminated ring looks!”

The popular PV Anti-Vandal line, renowned for its sleek and aesthetic appearance as well its plethora of customizable, made the perfect finishing touch to the Flowsaber.

“After comparing them (other AV Switches) to the PV6, we decided there was no match in craftsmanship. There was a noticeable difference between the quality of the metal finish on the housing and button compared to the other brands”

After 2 years in the making, from passion to product. The Flowsaber was complete. A dream turned into a reality, all from one man’s sheer dedication and willingness to recreate the ultimate sci-fi weapon.

Try the Flowsaber out for yourself: https://www.flowsaber.com/

See how E-Switch can help you with your next project: https://www.e-switch.com/

Find out more about the PV6 Illuminated Anti-Vandal Series: https://www.e-switch.com/product-catalog/anti-vandal/product-lines/pv6-series-illuminated-sealed-long-life-anti-vandal-switches

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