MR1000 Series Detector Switch

The MR1000 is a recessed magnetic or reed type switch which comes in a 2 piece design. One piece contains the magnet and the other piece contains the reed switch. The MR1000 series is classified as a detector switch as its intended use is where position detection or sensing is required, such as the opening or closing of a door or removal of an equipment panel.

The MR1000 series is available in two contact gap options, 19.0mm (0.75”) or 25.0mm (1.00”). Both options come with 457.20mm (18” length) #22AWG wire leads to connect to a power source.

The MR1000 provides 0.5A, 10VAC or 10VDC contact rating, 150mΩ contact resistance and SPDT N.O. contact arrangement.

Applications for the MR1000 series detector switch include commercial appliances, security devices, vending machines, HVAC units, industrial controls and medical equipment as most common uses.

Specifications include:

Contact Rating: 0.5A, 10VAC or 10VDC

Contact Resistance: 150mΩ

Contact Arrangement: SPDT N.O.

MR1000 Series Product Detail Page

MR1000 Series Catalog Data Sheet

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