PVT4 Series Anti-vandal Switch

E-Switch announces the new PVT4 series anti-vandal switch. The PVT4 series switch provides a crisp tactile response when engaging the actuator. Switch function is off-(on) momentary, SPST contact arrangement with an IP65 moisture protection rating. This PVT4 series offers ring lens style and five (5) LED illumination color options as well as three LED volt options of 6V, 12V or 24V.

The PVT4 Series offers either two termination options – solder lug or wire leads (300mm), 19mm diameter panel cutout and 490 gram actuation force. This electrical rating is 50mA, 24VDC, provides 0.5mm travel and 500,000 cycles.

Applications for the PVT4 series anti-vandal switch include consumer electronics, security devices, industrial controls, kiosk panels, electrical housewares and medical equipment as most common uses.

Specifications include:

Electrical Rating: 50mA, 24VDC

Life Expectancy: 500,000 cycles

Contact Resistance: 50mΩ Max.

Insulation Resistance: 1,000 MΩ Min

Dielectric Strength: 250VAC

Operating/Storage Temperature: -25°C to 55°C

Travel: 0.5mm

Moisture Protection: IP65

Contact Arrangement: SPST

Actuation Force: 490 grams

Panel Thickness: 1-6mm

Max Hex Nut Torque: 0.8Nm


PVT4 Series Product Detail Page

PVT4 Series Catalog Data Sheet

Visit E-Switch at www.e-switch.com. You can also request a sample of any of our discrete part numbers for one of your projects!

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