E-Switch Introduces New Rep Firm


Rick Nelson, sales director for E-Switch, stated, “E-Switch is proud to announce Innovatech as our new authorized sales representatives for the Colorado, Utah, Southern Idaho, Montana and Wyoming territories. We are looking forward to working with Innovatech in promoting and selling our switches.”

Innovatech business development manager, Bryan Fagerholt, said, “Innovatech is excited to work with a quality company like E-Switch.  We are proud to add them to our family of distinguished technology partners.”

Innovatech Associates Rocky Mountains is a technology driven, results-oriented company that thrives on success and accomplishment.   Founded in 2006, and headquartered in Colorado, Innovatech provides an unfamiliar level of technical / consultative sales in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.  In a time in the industry where the term “sales engineer” is thrown about loosely, Innovatech’s sales team consists of 5 EEs with years of industry experience, plus a business development manager focused on cultivating technology start-ups and analyzing market trends.

From the company’s inception, Innovatech has prided itself on violently executing to a simple formula; Great PEOPLE + a disciplined sales PROCESS yields predictably good RESULTS.

We would like to give Innovatech a warm welcome and look forward to working with them to continue the success of E-Switch. Their website is http://www.innovatechrm.com/


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