E-Switch Sponsors University of Wisconsin Madison Hyperloop Team

E-Switch would like to congratulate the UW-Madison engineering team for winning the Innovation Award in the Hyperloop competition.   A team of University of Wisconsin engineering  students won the innovation award in a worldwide SpaceX Hyperloop competition.   SpaceX and Tesla Motors co-founder Elon Musk, who is the driving force behind the Hyperloop competition, took the opportunity to sit in the Badgerloop pod while touring the various team’s booths on January 30, 2017.     Read more….
E-Switch is proud to have sponsored this effort and will continue our sponsorship for round two of the competition this summer.

Tesla co-founder Elon Musk poses for the camera in the Badgerloop Pod at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

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E-Switch Brochures and Collateral

E-Switch has an array of downloadable brochures and training tools on the website. Click HERE to head over to E-Switch’s Training page where you can access all these tools. Once there, you can download by clicking on the image or the title.



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E-Switch Announces Sealed Virtual Solutions

E-Switch offers a large selection of sealed switches, both IP rated (in parentheses) and process sealed. Click here to view the PTM (product training module) or click on the image below to access the sealed virtual solutions. Once you are there, you can click on each individual switch for a pop up menu of options, including specifications, datasheet, and more!



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Miniature Switch Solutions

Click the videos below to view the three part series on Miniature Switch Solutions for the Wearable and Handheld Devices Market. To view all of our training videos, click here.

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E-Switch’s Sealed Pushbutton RP8x00 Series Offer New High Actuator – No separate cap required


E-Switch added a new high actuator option to the popular RP series pushbutton switches. You no longer need to order this actuator (cap) separately. It is a single part number that you can configure in the ordering code. Example: RP8301
Sealed to IP67 ratings, this product family offers LED illumination options in a variety of colors. Click the information below to get more information about each of these switch series.



 RP8100 RP8100/01 Series Pushbutton

This momentary, sealed pushbutton offers threaded or snap-in/press fit panel mounting. Has multiple actuator colors and discrete LED illumunation options.

click here for Product Detail Page

RP8200  RP8200/01 Series Pushbutton

This latching, threaded panel mountted pushbutton offers multiple actuator color options. It also offers discrete LED options  to allow design freedom to control when you want to illuminate.

click here for Product Detail Page


RP8300/01 Series Pushbutton
This illuminated pushbutton switch features a threaded panel mount and is sealed to IP67 standards. It also has a long life expectancy, with 500,000 operating life cycles.

click here for Product Detail Page

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E-Switch’s Wearables Brochure


E-Switch recently released a wearable technology brochure for ultra-miniature applications, wearable products and handheld devices.

This brochure is a resource showing applications and the switches that E-Switch offers to fill the needs of that market.

Download the brochure by clicking on the image above, or clicking the link below.

Wearable Technology Brochure

You can see all our ultra-miniature switches here at this link.

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E-Switch’s New Product Matrix Catalog


E-Switch just launched their latest, most up to date product matrix catalog. It includes the following resources:

  1. How to Specify a Switch
  2. All our switch series matrices with product specs
  3. Glossary of Terms
  4. IP rating chart
  5. Soldering profiles

You can click on the image above or download it here:

Product Matrix Catalog

Visit our website at www.e-switch.com to download datasheets, drawings and even 3D STP files.

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