Smart Testing

Unless we're actively involved in the medical industry, we don't tend to see the huge advancements being made. Unlike the tech industries, where the latest innovations in smartphones and electric cars are plastered across mainstream media for all to see. But much like these monolithic tech companies, medical manufactures strive for a similar user experience... Continue Reading →

Integrated A/V

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a seismic shift in remote working. Many of us rejoice in this style of work. No longer are we stuck bumper to bumper in almost catatonic traffic. Gone is the need to get up half an hour early to put on your makeup or frantically... Continue Reading →

Thermal Screening Systems

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has always been an air of uncertainty on how to quickly and safely test people for potential virus symptoms. One method that has been adopted ubiquitously is the use of thermometers to quickly ascertain whether a person is exhibiting a higher than normal body temperature. Although this... Continue Reading →

Keep Getting-Wired!

The Get-Wired campaign continues to grow with the latest addition of the ULV Molded Boot. Yes, you heard it! The popular ULV Anti-Vandal line now comes with the choice of a low pressure molded boot for added protection. But wait! Not only does the ULV Wired Boot add strength and protection to the switch, it... Continue Reading →

PVL Pilot Indicator

The latest product to hit the E-Switch production line is the PVL Pilot Indicator. What is a Pilot Indicator? The first thing to mention is that the PVL is not technically a switch as it does not have an actuator. It does however contain a small light that is used to indicate a particular operating... Continue Reading →

2020 Product Matrix

The new 2020 Product Matrix is out now and available for download for your convenience. The product matrix contains an updated list of all E-Switch products and features detailed information, making switch selection a breeze. You can download this handy tool for FREE by clicking the link below: FREE Product Matrix Download

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