The KS1100 Series Pushbutton Switch with Keyboard Functionality

E-Switch announces the new KS1100 series pushbutton switch. This unique switch offers keyboard functionality. With a 10mA, 12VDC rating, it is a single pole, single throw (SPST) switch with momentary function and a tall actuator height of 15.2mm. This switch has a long travel of up to 4mm and a long electrical life of 50... Continue Reading →


Application/Market Brochures Available

Now available in hard copy, E-Switch offers three application/market brochures - Switches for Medical & Dental Markets, Switches for Audio/Visual Markets and Switches for Industrial Markets. E-Switch offers one of the largest selection of switches in the marketplace. Switch categories include anti-vandal, tactile, push button, rocker, toggle, slide, dip, and key. The switches come with... Continue Reading →

New Training Materials Available Now

E-Switch offers electro-mechanical switches to meet industry requirements in numerous markets. Below, each application shows the most requested switch for that type of application. However, several switches may fit your requirements. Please view our entire line of switches to meet your needs or contact customer service at 800.867.2717 for further assistance.  E-Switch just launched these new... Continue Reading →

E-Switch Introduces New Rep Firm

Rick Nelson, sales director for E-Switch, stated, “E-Switch is proud to announce Innovatech as our new authorized sales representatives for the Colorado, Utah, Southern Idaho, Montana and Wyoming territories. We are looking forward to working with Innovatech in promoting and selling our switches.” Innovatech business development manager, Bryan Fagerholt, said, “Innovatech is excited to work... Continue Reading →

E-Switch Brochures and Collateral

E-Switch has an array of downloadable brochures and training tools on the website. Click HERE to head over to E-Switch's Training page where you can access all these tools. Once there, you can download by clicking on the image or the title.  

E-Switch’s Wearables Brochure

E-Switch recently released a wearable technology brochure for ultra-miniature applications, wearable products and handheld devices. This brochure is a resource showing applications and the switches that E-Switch offers to fill the needs of that market. Download the brochure by clicking on the image above, or clicking the link below. Wearable Technology Brochure You can see... Continue Reading →

E-Switch’s New Product Matrix Catalog

E-Switch just launched their latest, most up to date product matrix catalog. It includes the following resources: How to Specify a Switch All our switch series matrices with product specs Glossary of Terms IP rating chart Soldering profiles You can click on the image above or download it here: Product Matrix Catalog Visit our website... Continue Reading →

The New PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch

The PB300 is a momentary pushbutton switch that is pcb mounted and has a long travel of 2mm.  You can choose between a single pole, single throw switch, or a single pole, double throw, double action switch. Its key feature is the double action of the double throw switch; you press mid-travel and it actuates,... Continue Reading →

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