Keep Getting-Wired!

The Get-Wired campaign continues to grow with the latest addition of the ULV Molded Boot. Yes, you heard it! The popular ULV Anti-Vandal line now comes with the choice of a low pressure molded boot for added protection. But wait! Not only does the ULV Wired Boot add strength and protection to the switch, it... Continue Reading →

PVL Pilot Indicator

The latest product to hit the E-Switch production line is the PVL Pilot Indicator. What is a Pilot Indicator? The first thing to mention is that the PVL is not technically a switch as it does not have an actuator. It does however contain a small light that is used to indicate a particular operating... Continue Reading →

2020 Product Matrix

The new 2020 Product Matrix is out now and available for download for your convenience. The product matrix contains an updated list of all E-Switch products and features detailed information, making switch selection a breeze. You can download this handy tool for FREE by clicking the link below: FREE Product Matrix Download

CS series Touch Sensor Anti-vandal Switch

The CS series provides capacitive switch technology, also known as touch sensor. The CS series comes with 150mm wire length and connector. The CS series offers panel cutout in two sizes, 19mm or 22mm. Circuit functions include latching or momentary; ring or ring/power symbol lens style options with color illumination options of red, green or... Continue Reading →

ULV Anti-vandal Series

E-Switch announces a new option for its ULV anti-vandal series switches. The ULV4, ULV7 and ULV8 are now available with 300mm long wire leads. Order any of the ULV series switches pre-wired off the shelf, ready for installation. This new option eliminates second sourcing which reduces cost and lead-time. The wire leads are color coded... Continue Reading →

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